What’s Your Skin Forecast Today?

What’s Your Skin Forecast Today?

The most common phrase a facial aesthetic practitioner will hear from their patients is “I want to look like myself, but better” which many specialists will interpret to mean “not like the hollywood stars that look fake”.

Achieving a natural look from dermal fillers can make people wonder what is their beauty secret? 

Tweakments is the new word on the horizon, meaning a blend of treatments to achieve the optimum look. A tweakment could be a combination of Botox, Juvederm and mesotherapy serums or skin tightening devices. The important thing here is - in small does only! A patient should take small baby steps to achieve their look and not sudden plumping which can result in a puffed up look. 

There’s an immense difference between a ‘frozen look’, where the face cant make it usual natural expressions and a ‘fresh look’. Overstuffing the dermal layers can prevent the skin from breathing. A quality premier filler should be there to restore contours and bring out their best.

Dermatologists and skin doctors are all for the new less is more, non-surgical methods and using natural medicinal routes. You should not be able to guess that a patient has even had work done. Yes, the lines and wrinkles should all have disappeared and skin should appear tight but not to an extent that it gives off that frozen look.

Anyone considering dermal filler treatments should initially focus on making their skin healthy through regular water consumption, preferably filtered or natural spring water. Diet plays a large part in helping the skin to repair itself. Too much sugar will clog up those pores and make skin age faster than the patients genetics dictate. The onset of ageing will appear gradually and comparing yourself to images from a few years ago, can help you learn more about where you want treatment carried out. 

Fillers That Moisturise The Inside Of Your Skin

Dermal filler treatments are increasing in IQ, they now have the ability to not just increase subtle volume, but can motivate the skin cells to produce natural collagen. Fillers are now manufactured to be super-light, as if they are injecting moisturising properties to kick the skin into hydration status. Some patients swear they don't need moisturiser since having dermal filler treatment.

Juvederm Volite is extremely light and barely there. It’s hydration properties are outstanding. Another favourite, with a more pricier tag is Restylane Skinboosters Vital Light which is usually carried out in three separate treatments. It is literally like applying moisturiser to the inside of the skin. 

The French were one of the first nations to grasp the wonderful technique of mesotherapy over the last few decades. Tiny needles transport nutrients and essential amino acids to the cells of the skin. Mesotherapy produces instant mind-blowing results and can be targeted to specific requirements. There’s a Nano Meso Serum for erasing pigmentation and others for hiding scars. 

Lastly, we mention Botox. Many people get confused over Botox and dermal fillers. Botox is there to relax the muscles. For example, the uncontrollable frown lines between the brows. Of course, you may not be frowning but your muscles are just always constantly contracted. Botox loosens them up making you look happier and better for yourself. 

Teeth Whitening Followed By Botox?

Dental practices have even started to widen their services and offer facial cosmetic treatments, because they understand their patients needs more than ever. Alongside, the whole teeth whitening regime and getting straightening, patients have a one stop shop to fix their frown lines and crows nests on their next visit to the dentist. 

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