4 Tips To Give Your Skin A Natural Medicinal Treat

4 Tips To Give Your Skin A Natural Medicinal Treat

With thousands of anti-wrinkle treatments on the market and premier filler websites, it is hugely overwhelming for the beauty conscious to find the right one for them, especially when all the boxes say the same thing.

Apply Sun Screen - Even In Winter

When it comes to working out what you want to fix, do your research and find out the root cause for why your skin is starting to change. Back to basics, applying sunscreen and drinking water are essential to keep skin boosted. It’s surprising how many people forget the effects of UV Rays on their skin, no matter how nice it feels to bathe in it’s rays. Daylight, ‘not sun’ is the primary cause for premature wrinkles. It sucks out the scaffolding that keeps skin from going saggy. 

Surprisingly, these rays can reach you even through your office window! So wear SPF everyday. 

Boost Your Vitamin C

Giving skin the attention it needs in a medicinal or mesotherapy way address your current skin forecast for the day and requires you to look for products that contain Vitamin C, which is great for boosting Collagen. There are many creams containing Vitamin C available at our Premier Fillers store. 


Mesotherapy Serums

Serums are great to apply after cleansing. Apply at night before bed and reap the rewards of healthy skin the next morning. Their magical ingredients bio-regenerate skin to make it new again. It’s like giving it a healthy drink, just as you would make a spinach and spirulina smoothie for yourself. If you don't give your skin the magical ingredients, then it simply wont benefit from them. 

Serums are also adopting retinoids which can accelerate the skin-cell turnover much faster than any other ingredient. There’s no dryness or peeling experienced either with retinoid serums. The results make every pound worth it. 

Face Masks

Traditional face masks require you to apply a paste to your face which requires time and effort. However, ready made silicon-like masks coated with enriched Korean-inspired nutrients that can be simply taken out the packet and placed on your face in two parts. There’s no need to wash the nutrients after either, just let them absorb through while you sleep. They will make you look like a porcelain doll but the experience is therapeutic and the next morning you will feel the smooth ingredients when you wash your face.

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