Sesderma Sensyses Liposomal Cleanser Classic 40001658 (1x200ml)

Suitable for all skin types including scaly, acne prone and sensitive soap intolerant skins, this cleanser works as a cleanser, toner and make up remover. Its gentle action also makes it safe for use on skins undergoing aggressive medical and cosmetic treatments.

Formulated using innovative nanotechnology, this cleanser effortlessly removes both water and oil soluble impurities.

Benefits of Sesderma Sensyses Liposomal Cleanser:

  • Both cleanses and tones the skin
  • Ideal for make up removal
  • Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive

Press the pump to soak the cotton wool and cleanse the area to be treated by rubbing with the cotton wool until traces of skin are removed.

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