Sesderma Repaskids SPF50 Sunscreen Cream Gel 40002032 (1x100ml)

Formulated for sensitive skin, this unique product forms a fine layer ensuring thorough protection without damaging your child’s skin. Also containing repairing active ingredients from the stratum corneum such as ceramides and soy isoflavones that are essential for maintaining healthy skin.

An antioxidant complex enriched with phytosphingosine and pterostilbene offer further protection against environmental damage. This creamy texture also ensures greater adherence to the skin offering longer lasting protection whilst maintaining its waterproof abilities.

Benefits of Sesderma Repaskids:

  • Available in two SPFs: 30 or 50
  • Creamy texture ensures greater adherence to the skin
  • Zero-alcohol and zero -preservative content

Apply evenly to the face and body 20 minutes prior to sun exposure. Repeat application during long periods of exposure and every 2 hours. Repeat after bathing.

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