Sesderma Lactyferrin Oral Ampoules 40000650 (20x10ml)

Lactoferrin Oral Ampoules increase the growth of bifidubacterias, natural killer cells, leukocyte production, neutrophil activity and proliferation of the cells of the intestinal mucosa, inhibits general gastrointestinal infections (influenza, kidney infections, tract infections lower respiratory tract). Helps build bone density and exerts a cardioprotective role by reducing triglycerides, cholesterol, preventing blood clots in the arteries and preventing platelet aggregation and slightly decreasing blood pressure. It also prevents the formation of free radicals, reduces inflammation, avoids the lipidic peroxidation of cell membranes from the oxidative damage to proteins, promotes the synthesis of collagen synthesis and repair, controlling bacterial growth and is involved in the control of cellular damage associated with aging. Beneficial as an adjuvant in autoimmune diseases, degenerative diseases and states of decreased immunity.

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