Sesderma Cellular Repair Personal Peel Program 40002195 (1 pack)

Sun, natural source of warmth and life, causes damage to our skin. This damage, over time, results in alterations in cellular DNA first causing accelerated aging (spots, uneven pigmentation, dry skin, deep wrinkles ...) and secondly, if we do not protect and repair our skin, develop more complex lesions.

CELLULAR REPAIR does not only improve skin appearance by reducing wrinkles and spots, but protects it from the effect of ultraviolet radiation (UVB-UVA); it helps repair the damage in cells and prevents the appearance of sun damage keeping our skin in perfect condition. 

Ideal for.....
… for skin that has suffered excessive sun exposure
… for skin that suffers or has suffered sun damage
… for people who want to protect their skin from the effects of UVB-UVA radiation 


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