Sesderma C-VIT Flash Treatment (Peeling & Luminosity) 40000193 (1 unit)

What can Sesderma Flash Treatment consists of 2 types of ampoules: 1 ampoule of Sesderma C-VIT Intensive Serumand 1 ampoule of Sesderma ACGLICOLIC Classic Forte. C-VIT Intensive Serum is an intensive antioxidant treatment for mature skin based on high concentration of pure vitamin C. It gives radiance and vitality of the skin, instantly giving it a radiant and healthy appearance. Concentrated active ingredients provide a multi-pronged anti-aging, smoothing, firming and brightening skin. While ACGLICOLIC Classic Forte is antiaging treatment, recommended for mature, limp complexions. It does delicate exfoliation to remove dead cells and promotes cell regeneration, apparently reducing wrinkles. Ampoule form on the skin a light film which strengthens the skin and improves its functions. The skin is rejuvenated, toned and moisturised.

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