Nano Meso Solution Seskavel Mulberry 40000573

Nano Meso Solution Seskavel Mulberry holds a multitude of benefits for improving hair vitality, strength and appearance, right from the root down and strand upwards. 

What can Nano Meso Solution Seskavel Mulberry be used for?

  • Treating hair loss

What are the benefits of Nano Meso Solution Seskavel Mulberry?

  • Morus alba extract has an effect on the hair cycle shortening telogen and lengthening anagen.
  • Nicotinic acid increases microcirculation, improving nutrient supply.
  • Acid zinc and la vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) inhibit 5-alpha reductase preventing the conversion of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone and the activity of the androgenic receptors.
  • Panthenol increases the quality of the hair. Moisturises and conditions the hair.

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