Mediderma Salipeel Plus 40000843 (1x60ml)

Salicyclic acid the active ingredient in this peel, is well known for its keratolytic and comedolytic properties. When present in high concentrations creates a white epidermolysis on papules, pustules, and comedones after the application. The upper part of the pustule frequently breaks, allowing the acid to act from the epithelia of the follicle towards the sebaceous gland.

Anti-inflammatory properties (inhibit synthesis of prostaglandins), antipruritic, antiseptic, antimicrobial (reducing the population of Propionibacterium acnes), astringent, anti-aging (accelerates the elimination of corneocytes), photoprotective (derivatives that absorb UVB radiation), and anti-epidermoplastic properties.

Salipeel Plus contains:

  • 25% Salicylic acid
  • 15% Azelaic acid

Salipeel Plus Benefits?

  • Treat folliculitis, acne and psoriasis
  • Body treatment

Apply up to 2 coats using a gauze soaked in the chemical peel solution. Apply swiftly and evenly in 10-15 seconds. A white mask will appear as it dries. Fan or ventilate to relieve any burning.

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