Mediderma Pyruvic Peel Plus 40000823 (1X60ml)

Treat deep wrinkles, acne and scars on dark or sensitive skins. The Pyruvic peel line of products contain hydroalcoholic base with the active ingredient pyruvic acid to treat the epidermal and dermal layers.

Pyruvic Peel also decreases the cohesion of epidermal corneocytes preventing thickening of the corneal layer. Exfoliation takes place without overdrying the skin, because pyruvic acid acts cleverly to hydrolyse into lactic acid. Lactic acid being favourable because it has moisturising properties with a protective function, so skin will never become dehydrated.

In addition to the above properties, Pyruvic Peel contains keratolytic, sebum regulating, and anti-microbial action, for treatment of all acne types.


  • 50% Pyruvic acid
  • 5% Lactic acid


  • For deep wrinkles, flaccidity, acne scars and stretch marks.

Directions for use

Cleanse area to be treated thoroughly, removing all signs of makeup. Then apply 2-3 coats of the peel, ensuring each coat is dry before applying next. The desired depth will be reached once a mild skin redness appears.

It is recommended to apply one coat of Salipeel first to aid the penetration of pyruvic acid peel.

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