Mediderma DNA Nanomask Aloe Vera 40000562 (1 unit)

Aloe Vera in this Nanomask, takes effect by penetrating into all skin layers, increasing moisturisation levels to their optimum and reestablishing the hydrolipidic balance. 

Tissue regeneration is also boosted and speeds up cellular turnover (epithelialisation), interrupting bacterial growth (bacteriostatic action), reducing swelling (soothing action), relieving itching, whilst blocking pain (anesthetic action).


  • Aloe vera
  • Chitosan 


Use for:

  • Sensitive skin that is intolerable to chemical peels

Directions for use

Cleanse skin thoroughly, before applying mask, molding it to the face shape and contours.

Leave for 30 minutes before carefully removing and massaging the skin to finish off.

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