Mediderm Resveraderm Additive Powder Pack 40000871 (1X50g)

Resveraderm Additive Powder is an additive based on resveratrol preventing fast aging, whilst protecting cellular DNA. 

Antioxidant defenses are stimulated, preventing the attack of free radicals and consequently extending the life of the cells. The remaining ingredients prevent from oxidative damage, stimulate the synthesis of collagen, even skin tone and improve skin smoothness.

Ascorbic acid prevents oxidative damage, stimulates collagen synthesis, homogenizes skin tone, increases skin moist and smoothness.

Thioctic acid reduces the concentration of free metals, responsible of the formation of new free radicals.

Citric acid stimulates collagen synthesis and prevents the oxidation process.


  • Resveratrol
  • Ascorbic acid
  • Thioctic acid
  • Citric acid

What are the benefits of using Resveraderm Additive Powder?

Use for:

  • photo damaged, flaccid and aged skin.

Directions for use

Powdered additives are mixed with the gel texture peel at the moment of application: a recommended quarter cup of the luminous additive mixed with half cup of the peel.

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