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Fillmed X-HA Volume (1x1ml)

Fillmed X-HA Volume (1x1ml)

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Eradicate wrinkles and improve your natural skin volume with the first hyaluronic filler of its kind, Filorga X-HA Volume. This solution is a natural anti ageing formula which provides long lasting results and happy individuals confident within their skin.

Ingredients and concentration: 

23 mg/ml of highly cross-linked, non-animal, hyaluronic acid. 

Where do I inject it?

Inject into cheekbones to give them volume and enhanced shape, whilst improving your overall facial contours. The gel can be sculpted into the desired tissues to reshape the face contours. 

What are the benefits of using Filorga X-HA Volume?

  • Improve natural curve in lips
  • Improve volume of cheekbones without any surgery
  • Restore volume in the chin and temples too. 
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