Filorga C -Recover - 3 Bottles of 10ml

Filorga's C-Recover is a cream with multiple benefits. Use daily to fight tired dull looking skin to uncover a radiant appearance.

Contains pure concentrated Vitamin C to make skin younger. Thanks to the ultra tight sealing of the packaging, the Vitamin C is preserved at is optimum. It also stimulates collagen production making the skin firmer.

NCTF helps fight the anti-ageing process whilst moisturising agents work to plump up the skin.

What do I receive in the box?

3 x 10 ml C-Recover

What are the Benefits of C-Recover?

C-Recover is recommended for:

  • Uplifting tired and dull skin
  • Improving the radiant tone of skin
  • Firmer looking skin that won't age

How should I use C-Recover?

Use daily in the morning prior to using your normal moisturising cream.

There are 4 stages to using C-Recover:

STAGE 1 - Press down the white piston to release the pure vitamin C powder.

STAGE 2 - Pull the piston again after shaking the bottle.

STAGE 3 - Connect the dropper by screwing it on and press dow the rubber bulb to collect the solution into the dropper before unscrewing it.

STAGE 4 - Apply evenly across the skin each morning prior to using your normal daily cream. 

After opening, store in a cool dry place. 

What results should I expect to see with C-Recover?

Safe to use at any time of the day. After 21 days, 59 women reported 80% more brighter skin, 81% more refreshed skin and 81% more revitalised skin.

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